#19. Garden Salad:

Mixed Greens, tomatoes,‏ cucumbers and onions......$3.5O


#20. Chef Salad:

Mixed Greens, tomato, black olives, onions, green peppers, cucumbers

with choice of 1 Meat comes with Cheese

 Small Chef: - $7.50 Large : $ 9.50

Dressings: Ranch . Italian, Russian, Balsamic Vinaigrette

* Extra Dressings $0.50each


Comes with 2 eggs any way you would like (4 eggs on a sub)

Pick from Round roll - Wrap - Toast

Bacon & Cheese :$3.75 ---------Sub 7.50

Cheese : $3.75--------------Sub$7.50

Sausage & Cheese : $3.75------Sub $7.50

Extra meat on sandwiches $1.00 on Subs $2.00 for bacon or Sausage

Other meats $2.00 each

Add on Veggies $0.50 on sandwich $1.00 on Sub

Additional Charge may apply for add on items .




Cheese ....$6.50

Buffalo Chicken or Classic Chicken ..$8.50

Roast Beef ..$ 9.50


Have a sub or a sandwich made exactly how you want it. Choose a bread then choose your meat, toppings, cheeses and any dressings below and we'll put it all together for you. Want it toasted? No problem, just let us know

Deli Breads‏

**NOTE: Additional $2.00 charge for Gluten Free Round Roll

and White or Wheat  Subs**

Sandwich Bread

White,    Wheat,‏     MarbleRye,     Multigrain,      Sourdough

Sub Rolls       (Extra$2.00)      White & Wheat

Wraps     Plain, Tomato Basil, Spinach, Garlic Pesto

Round Rolls - White or Wheat

Gluten Free   (Extra $2.00)      Round Roll 

Boar's Head Meats:

**EXTRA MEAT: $2.00 each**

Capicola Ham          Black Forest Ham        Maple Honey Ham      Deluxe Ham    Smoked Turkey 

Turkey Breast           Jerk Chicken                  Maple Turkey             Blackened Turkey    

Buffalo Chicken        Classic Chicken               Pepperoni                  Cajun Turkey         Teriyaki Chicken

Hard Salami               Genoa Salami             Bologna                     Garlic Bologna

Corned Beef             Roast Beef                  Pastrami                     Bacon - ($1.00 extra on Sandwich $2.00 on Subs)

Boar's Head Cheeses:

**EXTRA CHEESE: $0.35 extra  per slice **

American      Swiss        Provolone       Pepper jack       

VT.Cheddar    Mozzarella       Smoked Gouda       

Toppings (Veggies): **( Extra Charge for Item ) **

Leaf Lettuce     Tomato    Red Onions     Black Olives    Green Peppers

Banana Peppers     Jalapenos     Cucumbers      Crushed Pickles    Crushed Red Peppers

 Sprouts     ** Avocado (Extra .1.00)** **Hummus (Extra .75 cents)**

Dressings and More:

Mayonnaise        Miracle Whip    

Mustard    Spicy Brown Mustard     Honey Mustard

Horseradish Sauce     House made Apricot Horseradish

Italian Dressing     Ranch Dressing     House made Russian Dressing

 Deli Dressing     Italian Seasoning       Oregano    Parmesan

    Salt      Pepper     Hot Sauce


BEVERAGES:                                                                                                             Sweeter Side :

Pepsi Products  and  Coke Products  (cans)                                                                     

Arizona (ask on current flavors)                                                                                Giffords Brand Hard Ice Cream (year around)

Pure leaf Unsweetened Tea                                                                                            

Gatorade     Chocolate Milk

Water    Nero Water

**** NOTICE Gratuity will be added to sandwiches orders of 6 or more ****

** All prices are subject to change without notice.